Impressive photography

While looking for images for my new “Query by example” project, I came across what I believe to be very nice photography work by Li Wei. Enjoy more of it here:

PHP script to generate numbered images

When I need small utilities or helping scripts I turn to a scripting language such as PHP not only because it is very easy to write quick code with it but also because it doesn’t need anything else besides a text file to run from command line. This was the case a few days ago […]

Schema of 2 LEDs and a resistor. I connected 8 of these groups in parallel for the infrared light.

Multitouch 2 – Infrared light

For the project mentioned before I needed an infrared light to be able to reflect light off the fingers to the WiiMote camera. I started building this myself but being my first electronics job ever I needed some help. After reading and asking around for tips, the circuit I needed to create looked something like […]

Multitouch interface using WiiMote

Recently I’ve read about people that used the WiiMote in unconventional ways by including the great infrared camera in the WiiMote to track infrared signals. The most famous of them is Johnny Chung Lee (his blog is here: that used it to build a multitouch interface, head tracking or a virtual whiteboard (see projects […]