Free graphics

Rapid PrototypingI am a programmer at core and, I guess like most programmers, I am not a very good or proficient artist (even if I did some web design in Photoshop or Flash, games are different). Therefore, when I want to do some game programming, I always struggle to have something to display and I always end up searching online for resources (preferably free).

In this post I would like to mention a couple of sites that helped me a lot when experimenting with ideas and prototypes and when needing some graphics resources.

First of all there is which is just great. This guy, Reiner Prokein, just put on his site, for free, a ridiculous amount of graphics both 2D and 3D for people to use. The image on the side is a screenshot from a project that uses map tiles, vegetation and character sprites from his website and they are just great.

Then there is which is a great initiative in that it attempts to bring together artists to create a community that donates graphics for the “helpless” programmers like me. And the result is impressive: they have a huge collection and lots of them are licensed under some sort of creative commons license.

And last but not least, the impressive work of Daniel Cook on He gives away not only graphics collections but even full game designs and ideas for others to do and all he wants in return is… glory 🙂

Well, it looks like there is hope for hobby game programmers after all. Check out these sites if you didn’t know them already and prepare to be amazed.