Rapid Prototyping

Free graphics

I am a programmer at core and, I guess like most programmers, I am not a very good or proficient artist (even if I did some web design in Photoshop or Flash, games are different). Therefore, when I want to do some game programming, I always struggle to have something to display and I always […]

Images list in xEdit2D

Introducing XEdit2D

  For some XNA experiments of mine, I wanted to generate the XML asset files automatically and so I started exploring different possibilities. After searching for a while, both paid solutions like TorqueX 2D or freely available ones, I was quite unhappy with the solutions out there. So, I decided to start working on my […]


My first object tracker

In December I completed my first simple object tracker as a project for the “Intelligent Multimedia Systems” course. It wasn’t a very advanced one but it is based on very simple ideas and technologies and very effective given the right environment. The tracker was a mean-shift one, which, as opposed to a brute-force tracker does […]

Sphere with random test images

3D sphere from photos

I just presented my demo at the end of last week so now I have some more time to write about it. As I was saying, the purpose was building a multi-touch interface using infrared lights. I also needed to have something to demonstrate on. After thinking about and talking to my coordinator, Frank, the […]